Muskoka Kids Tri LEAD Volunteer Positions

Our Lead Volunteer positions are all spoken for (even if they look empty on here ;-).  If you are one of our Lead Volunteers you should see your name beside your position.

If you are not a Lead Volunteer we would still love your assistance with the event! Please go back to the previous page and check out the regular Volunteer Positions.

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What Name
What Name
Lead Race Kit Pickup #1: Sign up »
#2: Sign up »
Lead Parking Control #1: Sign up »
Lead Transition Area #1: Sign up »
Lead Body Marking / Chipping #1: Jody W.
Lead Swim Course #1: Sign up »
Lead Lifeguards #1: Laurene R.
Lead Leads + Sweeps #1: Sign up »
Lead Bike Course #1: Sign up »
Lead Run Course #1: Sign up »
Lead Water Stations #1: Sign up »
Lead Finish Line #1: Sign up »